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About us

Stars & Stripes Transportation specializes in the transportation of cars and other vehicles to anywhere in the United States, offering excellent client service.

We understand risks involved in the custody of one of your most valuable possessions, whether relocating your family car, business car, classic car, or exotic car.

Stars Stripes Transportation has an extensive knowledge in transportation of cars. Our reputation, quality and unbeatable service will give you peace of mind.


Whatever service you choose, your vehicle will always be in safe hands.

Closed transportation

Closed transportation is perfect for moving high-value vehicles requiring special care, such as classic, vintage, sports, miniature and racing cars.

Open transportation

Our most popular option for moving vehicles from one state to another, door to door and warehouse to warehouse delivery service.

Motorcycle transportation

Motorcycles are transported in a specialized fleet of fully enclosed vehicles with loaders to ensure the highest safety standards.

Sea transportation

We can move all kinds of vessels, from a small boat to a 34-foot cruise. We also specialize in services for vessels up to 27 feet in size.

Large-scale transportation

We specialize in heavy, large and over dimensional transportation. We provide the staff and specialized transportation of large structures and machinery.

Door to door transportation

Your vehicle will be picked up by one of our car transportation agents at the agreed time. Once picked up, the vehicle will be on its way to its destination!

Why choose us?

We are a top-level vehicle transportation company. We are always committed to provide the necessary care so that you can feel safe by knowing that you will get the best car transportation service available. We are proud to work with our clients every day, sharing our knowledge to deliver exceptional results with a lasting impact.

Some of our values

  • Respect: we respect our clients, communicating clearly and acting with integrity.
  • Speed: we analyze the situation to make the best decisions, which lead to an agile transportation.
  • Responsibility: we work seriously, fulfilling our duties, in accordance with our commitment to our clients.

What our clients say

“Satisfied with vehicle transportation service. Pick up was done on time and delivered on time with no damage to vehicle . Price was affordable with no hidden charges or extra fees. Representative was.”
Johnny Quinn
Miami, Florida

“My experience with this company was very good. the pick up was on time !! and the costumer service was very nice . i will definitely use them again and i will recommend stars & stripes to my friends.”
Efrain Garcia
Miami, Florida

“I am so glad I chose this company to transport my vehicle from Queens NY to Texas. I was very happy with the entire process from beginning to end. I received all the services as promised.”
Miami, Florida

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