How Much Does Auto Transport Cost

Stars and Stripes is committed to full transparency throughout your auto transport experience. Making sure our customers understand how their quote is selected is important to us. The reason prices fluctuate from month to month is that the demand for carriers can shift rather quickly. National rates and the demand in the current market go a long way in determining the quote. Also, the type of car you want to move and the location it needs to travel to play an essential role in the overall quote. Certain times of the year will come with lower or higher quotes as well. 

Below are some of the factors that will significantly influence price:


Mileage is the most significant variable in the quote, longer distance will come with a higher price tag, but the further your vehicle travels, the lower you will pay per mile.

Type of Vehicle Being Shipped

The weight and dimensions of the vehicle are significant factors. The bigger the vehicle, the price will increase as it weighs more and requires more space on the truck. Vehicle modifications like suspension lift kits, oversized tires, and roof racks may also increase the total cost.

Transport Type

Open transport is the most cost-effective way to ship a vehicle. For high-end luxury cars, exotic cars, or restored classics, we recommend enclosed travel which shields vehicles from the elements (weather & debris). This service regularly comes with a price point of 30-60% higher.

Vehicle Condition

Cars that are incapable of running on their own will cause the need for specialized equipment and additional labor, resulting in a higher final cost. Stars and Stripes Transportation only quotes for inoperable vehicles which roll, steer and brake and can be loaded with a winch or vehicles which have prior arrangements to be loaded and unloaded by a forklift or wrecker.


Weather conditions, high season (summer), holiday seasons, and the demand for auto shipping services fluctuate with the seasons. For example, auto transport services to warmer southern states are top-rated during the winter. This is also known as the “snowbird season.” During this time, the cost for vehicle transportation to those destinations will be higher. Contact our experts to identify the best time to ship your vehicle.


High populated urban areas make it easier for car carriers to consolidate a full load of vehicles to transport, which lowers the car transport rate. More secluded pick-up and drop-off locations may cause an increase in the price depending on how far your location is from large cities or major interstates. However, you always have the option to meet the Carrier at a designated location for a better rate, station to station delivery will also significantly reduce costs, although it does require you to pick up the car yourself or someone authorized by you.

Pick-up Date

Your Shipment date plays a significant role in the overall cost of the transportation of your vehicle. To obtain the best quote possible, book your car shipment as far in advance as possible; also, keep in mind that increased flexibility around your pick-up date is vital when it comes to keeping your overall costs as low as possible.

You Have Options

There are several different ways you can ship a car. The options include Enclosed transportation, Open carrier transport, Expedited transport, flatbeds, door-to-door shipping, and to or from a terminal as well. The most popular of the options are 7 to 9 car open carriers. These eighteen-wheelers can accommodate almost any size vehicle, including cars, SUVs, trucks, jeeps, and vans.

Door-to-Door open car transport is the best way to get the most affordable auto transport rate possible. To learn more and see what transportation method is most suitable for you, please fill out our free quote form, and one of our agents will reply to you within minutes. You can also call us at (844) 502-6037.


Keep your vehicle safe from the elements with our 100% enclosed transportation. 


The standard, most affordable option in the industry will get your vehicle to its destination. 


When time is of the essence, our premium transport service gets your vehicles to you extra-fast. This often requires carriers to reschedule other pick-ups. Therefore, we offer this service at a premium price.