Estimated Transit Times

Estimated Delivery Times for Vehicle Transportation 

Chart referencing number of miles and estimated transit time for those miles. Example below:

Distance in milesCalendar days

Most customers want to know how long it will take to ship their vehicle to its destination. Several factors come into play that can impact delivery time. The most crucial being just how far the driver needs to travel. Length will often determine the route, and certain areas of the country will be congested with more traffic than others. 

The easiest way to ballpark a typical travel route is that our drivers typically cover anywhere from 400-500 miles a day. Vehicle transportation takes longer than if you were to drive your car yourself. The vehicle will be transported on a trailer picking up different vehicles at different locations throughout the delivery process. The high-quality drivers that we work with need to follow strict safety guidelines. These guidelines include a cap on the number of hours a driver can operate on a given day.
According to the FMCSA, truckers may drive a maximum of 11 hours after ten consecutive hours off duty. This is to ensure they are alert on the road and adequately rested. When time is of the essence, team drivers are available on our expedited service. Team truck driving is when two drivers are on the same truck and take shifts operating the truck.

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You Have Options

There are several different ways you can ship a car. The options include enclosed transportation, open carrier transport, expedite transport, flatbed’s, door to door shipping and to or from a terminal as well. The most popular of the options is 7 to 9 car open carrier. These large trucks can accommodate almost any size vehicle including cars, SUV’s, trucks, jeeps and vans.

Door to Door Open car transport is also the best way to get the cheapest auto transport rate possible. To learn more and see what transport method is best for you, please fill out our free quote form and one of our representatives will respond to you within minutes. You can also call us at (844) 502-6037.

Enclosed Transport

Keep your vehicle safe from the elements with our 100% enclosed transportation.

Open Transport

The standard carrier in the industry will get your vehicle to its destination.

Expedited Transport

When time is of the essence, our expedited transport service gets your vehicles to you fast.

How Our Auto Shipping Works

The five steps below help ensure the highest level of quality service during the auto shipping process. When you provide our team with the information we need. We take care of the rest.

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