Payment & Cancellation Policy

How Does Payment Work?
Carriers are always willing to offer a discounted rate when you pay in cash. Once your order is assigned to a carrier, a partial payment will be charged. The remaining balance is due in cash, certified check, or money order upon delivery.

Standard Payment: (discounted cash price)

Payments with credit cards or personal checks will not be accepted when choosing this option.

Additional Payment Options ( processing fees may apply)

  • pay in full through one-time credit card payment
  • pay in full through a one-time payment upon delivery (no deposit required)
  • Make Wire transfer
  • Deposit to a bank account

 Call today (844) 502-6037 to speak to one of our dedicated professionals about our additional payment options.

Cancellation policy.
The option to cancel a shipping order is available at any time, at no cost, with no cancellation fees as long as the order has not yet been assigned (dispatched) to a Carrier (transporter). Orders cannot be canceled or changed after the Vehicle has been picked up. All order changes and cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to
STARS AND STRIPES TRANSPORTATION does not accept or honor cancellations made via phone call.

The Customer is entitled to a refund for only the unfulfilled portion of the services. Suppose Additional Services were paid for but not rendered for any reason, and the Shipment was delivered. In that case, the sole remedy for the Customer shall be a refund for the unfulfilled portion of the Additional Service Fees.

Dispatched order
If the Customer decides to cancel the shipping order after a Carrier (transporter) has been assigned (dispatched). The partial Payment will not be refunded as our services have been rendered.