Brokers vs Carriers

Brokers vs Carriers in Vehicle Shipping

We understand just how valuable of an asset a vehicle can be. It is why deciding what auto transportation service to use is such a significant decision. Most research will boil down to brokers vs. carriers in vehicle shipping. Our goal is to help you understand the differences between brokers and carriers, so you can utilize the option that best suits your needs. 

 Stars and Stripes transportation is an auto shipping broker. Auto transport brokers act as the liaison between the customer and the car carrier. They take out the customer’s need to worry about any step of the process because they handle all communication. While auto transport brokers don’t own the fleet of trucks that transport the vehicle, they do form relationships with different carriers and can weed out the businesses that can’t be relied upon for their customers.

 Most carriers are single entities that have 1-5 transportation trucks to their name. Auto-shipping carriers deal directly with their clients in every aspect of the process. The downside is that their limited resources make it harder for a carrier to provide vehicle transportation on the desired schedule of their client. It is more likely that they will dictate a time to the customer in a ‘take it or leave it scenario. The options for shipping are not as flexible when clients work with a private carrier. 

 There are three simple steps to the auto broker process.
  • Get a quote and book your order.
  • We coordinate the shipping of the vehicle with a licensed and insured carrier.
  • You pick up your vehicle at your desired location.

As one of the top auto brokers in the industry, we have vetted countless carriers to ensure that we only provide our clients with trusted carriers who are fully licensed, insured, and have a track record of safely transporting vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

 Auto-shipping brokers help regulate the prices in the industry by ensuring that carriers are competing to offer the best rates possible. When carriers compete, our customers win. Our connections with thousands of carriers also ensure that our customers receive the same auto transportation service they expect. Most carriers work with car dealerships the majority of their time. Because this is the bread and butter of their business, they usually are not as quick to respond to their clients. Auto-shipping brokers are able to keep the lines of communication open throughout the process. Auto-shipping brokers have extensive industry knowledge. This not only allows us to provide our customers with options from the very best carriers in the industry, but it also allows us to know which companies we would not trust with the safe transport of a vehicle. As a quality broker, we take the guesswork out of the auto transportation business. We will present detailed options so you can have peace of mind about your vehicle’s journey. 

Now that it is quite clear that auto shipping brokers are the better option. It’s essential to know how to choose the proper broker. Of course, it starts with getting quotes from different companies. Price is a key component of the process, but it should not be the only factor. If a quote is too low, it should probably raise some red flags regarding the quality of the carrier your auto shipping broker is suggesting for you.

Here’s what to look into beyond a quoted price:

  • The brokers’ history. Have they had a track record of successfully transporting vehicles of all makes and models? Auto-shipping brokers who have been around for a while have proven to deliver excellent service for their clients.
  • View their Better Business Bureau page. The BBB website will provide a glimpse into the quality of the business and what clients have experienced in the past.
  • Look for Certifications. Few things are as important as the credentials of the auto broker. Every auto broker should be properly licensed and insured. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website will have this info readily available.
  • Read testimonials from past customers.
  • Check out their Google reviews.
  • Beware of guarantees.

As a leader in the auto broker space, we know that the most important part of this job is communication. We provide full transparency to our clients. We don’t make guarantees because the roads are unpredictable. All it takes is one accident up ahead to delay a pickup time. When the unexpected happens, we can only promise to communicate that with our clients clearly and quickly.

You Have Options

There are several different ways you can ship a car. The options include Enclosed transportation, Open carrier transport, Expedited transport, flatbeds, door-to-door shipping, and to or from a terminal as well. The most popular of the options are 7 to 9 car open carriers. These eighteen-wheelers can accommodate almost any size vehicle, including cars, SUVs, trucks, jeeps, and vans.

Door-to-Door open car transport is the best way to get the most affordable auto transport rate possible. To learn more and see what transportation method is most suitable for you, please fill out our free quote form, and one of our agents will reply to you within minutes. You can also call us at (844) 502-6037.


Keep your vehicle safe from the elements with our 100% enclosed transportation. 


The standard, most affordable option in the industry will get your vehicle to its destination. 


When time is of the essence, our premium transport service gets your vehicles to you extra-fast. This often requires carriers to reschedule other pick-ups. Therefore, we offer this service at a premium price.

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How Our Auto Shipping Works

The five steps below help ensure the highest level of quality service during the auto shipping process. When you provide our team with the information we need. We take care of the rest.